Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scouts: Winter fire challenge activity

This is a description of an activity that we did with our scouts this winter during a winter camp. It takes at least a couple of hours but can easily take half a day. It encourages team work, fire lighting skills, lashing skills and basic problem solving.

Winter Camp Activity (3 hours)

1. Divide the group into 3 or 4 patrols. (mixing both Troops)

2. Each group with a leader(s) will head off to a predetermined location.

3. Each group will need the following supplies:
  • Rope
  • Matches
  • Enough poles to build an A-frame (any device to boil water) and a stretcher
  • A can to melt snow
  • Snow shoes
  • Buck saw
  • Hatchet

4. Each group must complete the following tasks prior to leaving site:
  • Build and A-frame with supporting posts
  • Build stretcher for carrying water can
  • Build two fires (Fire A for boiling water, Fire B maintain to stay in game)
  • Snow must be all melted in can prior to leaving

5. Once all tasks at site the group is required to do the following
  • Using the stretcher to carry the water the group must attempt to put out the fire of the other group
  • Maintain Fire B, making it more difficult to be put out
  • Refill bucket as many time as possible to put out as many fires as they can
  • Groups can break up how they see fit to both put out other fires, as well as maintain their own
  • Leaders at each site will keep track of how many successful fires were extinguished

Things to suggest or encourage:
  1. Work together as a team
  2. Come up with a plan first
  3. Decide on rolls for each person
  4. Make sure to have lots of wood

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