Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vector format Hughes logos

Over at the Lady Hamilton site there is a good version of the Hughes Logo in DOC format. This works well unless you need a larger version. I created a vector format of the logo to make it easier for large format printing of the logo.

Click on the image below for the SVG format. These can be edited with any vector capable program, I like the open source software InkScape.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

100th Post

blog overview stats

This is my 100th post on! 

Well, that isn't totally accurate. I do have a few small sub-domains with a few posts as well, but this is my primary site. FYI, those other sites are:

  • - a site for the scout group that I am a leader with. Also hosts our adventure racing page.
  • - a site for general business commentary. This isn't very active these days.
  • - this is a new project where I am going to document the use of android apps for sailing.
  • - a sister site for the adventure race that my scouting group hosts. General adventure racing tips and tricks.

I started this blog in January 2009. I wanted a place where I could document the bits of information that I found useful or that I thought others might find useful. If there is a topic that I need to figure out, I may as well make it easier for someone else to find the same info.

In May of 2009 I purchased the domain to make it easier to find.

My topics, over the years, have been varied. Generally my top categories have been:

  • Product reviews
  • How-Tos 
  • Documenting my own projects 
  • My own plans
blog statsSince inception I have received, as of January 12, 2014, 92,534 hits on the site. Basically I am averaging around 1000 hits per page. I am now averaging approximately 110-150 hits per day. This isn't a high number compared to big blogging sites but I am definitely happy to think that I might be having some sort of helpful impact with my posts.  

If you look at the top hit counts on my pages and posts there are definitely some high hitters. I think this tells a lot about what people find useful. In order of hits, here are the 5 top posts:
  1. Loft Bed Plans
  2. Book review: Around the world in 18 Years
  3. Craftsman 1350 B&S 27" Snowblower
  4. 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel - Major Service
  5. PVC Pipe Winter Boat Cover Frame
The loft bed plan page is my highest hit count by almost double. Apparently people are attracted to free things. Who would have thought!

What I have found is, since I don't have a lot of subscribed users, people are finding my site when they have a specific problem they are trying to solve or when they are making a specific buying decision. 

I have found, not surprisingly, that there is a definite seasonal pattern to hit counts. Snowblower hits skyrocket in the winter of course!

Also not surprisingly, if I put some effort into posting links to my articles, my hit count goes up. I'm not really interested in optimizing my SEO so I don't really do this often. 

I don't have infinite amounts of time. I enjoy writing but there are a lot of other things to occupy myself, like actually doing projects. The benefit of watching the stats on posts is that I can actually tune my topics to what people find useful. I have no desire to post for the sake of posting. 

I have enjoyed the first 100 posts on this site and look forward to putting out another 100. 

Atomic 4 rebuild - removing the waterpump and thermostat

The next step in the disassemble process was to remove all of the cooling related pieces. All of the cooling lines are going to need to be replaced as they are disintegrated.

Water pump to thermostat hose 

  • Remove rubber cooling hoses.  There are 4 hoses that are involved in the cooling system:
    •  Thermostat to manifold - 1/2" hose - 4 3/4" long
    • Mid-block to thermostat - 1/2" hose - 7" long
    • Water pump to mid-block - 1/2" hose - 10 1/4" long
    • Manifold loop - 1/4" hose - 18" long

  • Remove thermostat - The thermostat is held in place by two 9/16" nuts. There was no gasket on the thermostat. I tested and cleaned the thermostat. 

[All of the posts associated with this rebuild are available under the search label Atomic 4 Rebuild.]

Atomic 4 rebuild - Removing water pump and accessory drive

The water pump is attached directly to the accessory drive bracket with two 9/16" (1" long) bolts.

I removed the impeller for inspection (and because I haven't had a good look at the impeller housing before since my current engine's is crammed in the worst ungodly position in my engine compartment).

The impeller was in good condition but I will replace it since it is old. The impeller is held on with 4 flat head machine screws (1/2" long). There is a full description of each part in the impeller system on the Moyer impeller parts page. The o-ring gasket on the impeller plate is missing, or so disintegrated as to not be recognizable. I will replace that on reassembly.

There is a gasket on the drive side of the assembly. It will need to be replaced.

The accessory drive is held on by two 9/16" bolts (2 7/8" long). One of these bolt heads is stripped and will need to be replaced. I couldn't remove the other bolt fully yet because the engine mount is in the way.

The Moyer site has a great page on the accessory drive.

[All of the posts associated with this rebuild are available under the search label Atomic 4 Rebuild.]