Sunday, January 12, 2014

Atomic 4 rebuild - Removing water pump and accessory drive

The water pump is attached directly to the accessory drive bracket with two 9/16" (1" long) bolts.

I removed the impeller for inspection (and because I haven't had a good look at the impeller housing before since my current engine's is crammed in the worst ungodly position in my engine compartment).

The impeller was in good condition but I will replace it since it is old. The impeller is held on with 4 flat head machine screws (1/2" long). There is a full description of each part in the impeller system on the Moyer impeller parts page. The o-ring gasket on the impeller plate is missing, or so disintegrated as to not be recognizable. I will replace that on reassembly.

There is a gasket on the drive side of the assembly. It will need to be replaced.

The accessory drive is held on by two 9/16" bolts (2 7/8" long). One of these bolt heads is stripped and will need to be replaced. I couldn't remove the other bolt fully yet because the engine mount is in the way.

The Moyer site has a great page on the accessory drive.

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