Sunday, January 12, 2014

Atomic 4 rebuild - removing the waterpump and thermostat

The next step in the disassemble process was to remove all of the cooling related pieces. All of the cooling lines are going to need to be replaced as they are disintegrated.

Water pump to thermostat hose 

  • Remove rubber cooling hoses.  There are 4 hoses that are involved in the cooling system:
    •  Thermostat to manifold - 1/2" hose - 4 3/4" long
    • Mid-block to thermostat - 1/2" hose - 7" long
    • Water pump to mid-block - 1/2" hose - 10 1/4" long
    • Manifold loop - 1/4" hose - 18" long

  • Remove thermostat - The thermostat is held in place by two 9/16" nuts. There was no gasket on the thermostat. I tested and cleaned the thermostat. 

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