Monday, September 15, 2014

Stackable washer mod

Washer top with mounts added
About 10 years ago we bought a stack-able 4.3 cu ft Kenmore front load washer. We also bought the matching dryer.

Fast forward 10 years and we have had to replace our washer because of a laundry list of problems (sorry for the pun!) The dryer is doing fine (after a bearing replacement last spring).

The issue is that apparently the designers at Sears have not maintained compatibility between the old and new machines so that they can be stacked. The conspiracy theorist in me believes that this was design obsolescence! I won't be foiled that easily!

I removed the old mounting kit, from the previous washer, and simply screwed them onto the top of the new washer.

My wife was a little perturbed when I was using a drill on her new machine but she was duly impressed and relieved when they fit together like a hand in glove.

So, don't believe the sales guy when he tells you they can't be used together.

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