Friday, January 16, 2009

RCA HPNC200 Noise Canceling Headphones

An I mentioned in my last post, I received a pair of RCA HPNC200 Noise Canceling Headphones for Christmas this year. My experience with these was much more positive than the wireless headphones.

The good
  1. These headphones are nice and light and comfortable. While the earpieces could be a little bigger for comfort, they are nice.
  2. The noise canceling works as advertised. They claim a 15db reduction in noise. It's not going to get rid of all of the background noise but it certainly cuts down on a lot of it.
  3. They also fold and come with a nice little carrying case for traveling. They certainly aren't as portable as ear buds but they fold up pretty well.
  4. They come with an airline adapter. This is really nice!
The bad
  1. The battery compartment and the on/off switch (for the active noise canceling) are pretty cheap and I can see one of them breaking one of these days. We'll see and I'll post if they do.
  2. They're kind of ugly.
I would recommend these. They sound pretty good and the noise canceling works pretty well too. I think they cost around 40 bucks.

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