Friday, May 8, 2009

Loft bed plans

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Here is the loft bed plan that I've come up with. Please feel free to use this as you like. If you re-publish these plans please reference my blog URL. I hope someone finds these helpful. Email me or post a comment if there is something that is unclear. I'll posts some pictures of the different parts of the bed too. Hopefully that will clarify.

Materials & Cut list
5 Rungs - 19" (1x5 pine)
5 posts - 80 1/4" (4x4 spruce)
8 end boards - 48 3/4 (1x5 pine)
4 side boards - 75"
2 side boards - 55"
2 side mattress supports - 75" (1x2 pine)
2 side mattress supports - 40" (1x2 pine)
1 bottom plywood for mattress support 40x75 (3/4" plywood)
4 bottom supports - 40" (1x3 pine)
12 screws - 1 1/4"
20 screws - 2"
60 stove bolts - 4"
60 screw cover knobs - 3/4" (or whatever size holes you have)

  • Counter sink stove bolts and cover holes with knobs so that bolts aren't sticking out. I used a 3/4" bit to countersink.
  • Glue and screw the support rails on to give added strength
  • The bottom supports can be out of any size wood and the plywood could be skipped if you add more bottom support rungs.


  1. thank you for sharing your materials list and photos
    I am trying to make a queen sized loft on the short side 40" high, and was wondering about the cross bracing

  2. This is exactly what we have been searching for. My son has a very narrow room and most loft beds are wider than the space we have, but your plans will fit perfectly. Thank you.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I didn't end up putting cross braces on my daughter's bed. It seems sturdy enough now that I've tightened up everything again after the wood dried.

    I'm not sure if you'll would need them on a shorter (albiet queen size) bed. It might be sturdy enough without given the shorter size.

    My plan had been to use the same size wood as the side supports and simply put one cross support on either end but in opposite directions.

    If you end up making the bed I'd love to get a picture of it to post and a description of the plan alterations.

    Good luck with your project.


  4. I used your plan and appreciate all of the info. Thank you.

  5. I'm glad to here that you found the plans useful Anonymous. Any chance of getting a picture of the finished project that I could post? Any recommendations on changes?

  6. Hi Summer,

    A stove bolt is just any bolt with a slotted top. Really, any similar sized bolt will work. Here's a pic of a stove bolt though:

  7. Hello Andrew,

    I want to thank you as well for the idea of the loft bed. I had made on prior to this one, but it was not nearly as sturdy. It might take me a little time, but I was wondering if i could add some instructions to your plan? As i was going along, i found that some of the pictures were a little difficult to follow. If you would like, you may email me at: to let me know what you think. at that point, I can send you what i have come up with and once you have proof read it, and possibly like it, you may post it along with your instructions. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you, again, for sharing your plan with us! :)


  8. Hi Andrew
    i have looked at various plans to build my daughter a loft bed and have decided on yours (actually need to build two!). I have one questions though. How sturdy is the plywood mattress base on the struts gpoing width ways? And is there a lot of give in the plywood base?


  9. I haven't had any problem with the sturdiness of the mattress base. There's very little give in the plywood base.

    Before you start in on the project, I'm updating the plans from some great feedback I got from Ricky (comment above).

    He's given some additional detail around the base and some other aspects. I'll update those (hopefully tonight).



  10. Please note the new location for the plans. The link is at the top of the page. Here's the URL:


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