Thursday, May 28, 2009

Light air sailing

I recently started sailing with some folks in a Wednesday night racing league at the Armdale Yacht Club. This is a great time and it's my first experience racing. Up until this point all of my sailing has been very casual. The boat is a 31' Beneteau named Osprey and it sails great.

Last week was the first week. There was plenty of wind and it was a great race, although we didn't place particularly well.

This week, however, there was almost zero wind. There was debate around whether we should just pull out of the race and head into open water in search of wind.

We decided to stick it out and finish the race. Previously I would never have gone out in wind like that. It was glass calm and much better conditions for water skiing. Why would anyone want to sail in this?? I'm glad that we did. It turns out to be a much more precise race when there isn't much wind. This was a revelation for me.

It wasn't exactly exhilarating racing but it was interesting none the less.


  1. I've never been in a sail boat except the Bluenose. I canoe, kayak, been in lots of ferries... but never a sail boat.

    > This was a revolution...


  2. Revelation, revolution... it was close! Maybe it did cause a revolution. There could be a whole new movement around sailing with no wind.


  3. You have a standing invite to come and sail with me at my place. We'll definitely have to do that this summer.


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