Monday, November 16, 2009

BellAliant store branding is misleading

Several months ago I purchased a holster for my Blackberry at a BellAliant store in Halifax. Even though I am from Fredericton I figured, a BellAliant store is a BellAliant store. Right?

That brings us to today. My holster is broken. It is also under warranty. One would assume that even though I'm not in Halifax these days that I should still be able to walk into a BellAliant store and get myself a replacement. Right? Nope.

It seems that the BellAliant branded store in the Halifax Maritime Center is actually a "Downeast communications" store in cheap clothing. As well, the BellAliant branded store in Fredericton Mall is actually a Cox Electronics in drag.
So, guess what? Even though both of these stores are branded with all of the glory of BellAliant, and you would have a hard time finding logos of either Cox or Downeast in these stores, you can't return a product from one to the other.

These stores are identical in design and it is easy to be mislead into thinking that they are actually BellAliant corporate stores. Nope.

This strikes me as very misleading to customers.
BellAliant, please stop your ridiculous branding strategy and let you customers deal with you. least let us know who we are dealing with.

Am I the only one that has had a crappy experience with these outlets? Comment below.

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