Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel - Major Service

I thought it might be a good idea to keep a running tally of major service that I have to have done on my Jeep. This might serve as an indication of quality (or not) over time. I haven't been the only owner of my Jeep so this isn't comprehensive but I assume (perhaps naively) that there wouldn't be too much bad that would have happened in the first 75,000km before I bought it.

I'll count major service as anything that doesn't fall under normal wear and tear (tires, brakes, oil).

BAS/ESP censor lightReset Sensor75,000Warranty
Key Stuck in IgnitionReplace shifter assembly and shifter lock cable81,000$480
Check engine light on
P0299, P0401,P2264,P0513,C2202

Replaced Turbocharger, EGR valve and EGR system.  Ended up being 12.5hrs of labour! Luckily I had 64km left on warranty!99,936$700
($5000 covered under warranty!)
Slipped out of gear and never returned...Torque converter was replaced along with a crap load of other parts that were collateral damage. Total transmission rebuild!105,000$2600
Back gate window wouldn't openNew Lift Gate Handle110,000$166
Back seat window wouldn't closeNew Left back window regulator111,000$429
Leaky rear axle & front right wheel bearingNew axle seal and bearing150,000$1200
Little performance...lots of black smokeAnother new turbo180,000FU Jeep...I'm outta here!

Final update: July 2015

After yet another major breakdown, involving the turbo yet again, I have decided not to pay the $6000 that the dealer wanted to fix it. I have traded the jeep (for $2000 trade-in value) for a Subaru. 

The Jeep diesels are getting long in the tooth, so I expect there aren't many being considered for purchase. If you are considering...don't.

I will never buy another Chrysler product. 


  1. keep it coming, very simular to my CRD

    1. I've been lucky lately and haven't had any further issues this year. Hopefully all of the bugs are worked out of it...


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