Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winterizing Hughes 29

I've found some great articles that are related to winterizing the Hughes 29. Although they aren't actually specific to the boat, they are specific to the components.

Here are the steps that I've taken to winterize Salammbo. I'd appreciate any comments on things that I could do better.
  1. Pump faucet and toilet dry
  2. Drained fresh water tank and put in antifreeze.
  3. Pump antifreeze through faucet and into the, now closed, drain.
  4. Pump antifreeze through toilet into both onboard tank and external drain
  5. Dump some antifreeze into the bilge (in case water gets in there and freezes)
  6. Change oil in engine (good reference)
  7. Winterize engine (here's a great site)
Supplies used:

  • 5L 10W30 oil
  • 15L plumbing antifreeze
  • Motomaster fogging spray
  • Gas stabilizer 

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