Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pram build - Step 7 - Interior finishing

Once the seats and gunwales were dry I set about cleaning up the interior. I used thickened epoxy to fill in any gaps, voids or holes. Everything was sanded once the epoxy set.

I also used this opportunity to install a ring on the bow. This will be used for towing the tender so I wanted it to be sturdy. I was also impatient on a Sunday and didn't have access to a real piece of hardware. I used an old shackle and epoxied it in place. Seems to work well.

Once everything was cleaned up reasonably well I finished the interior with a coat of oil based primer and oil based boat paint.

I wanted to finish the interior first so that I wouldn't scrape the bottom paint later on in the process.

Once everything dried I flipped the boat over for exterior finishing.

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  1. I built this same pram a number of years ago and used it for many miles from Canada to the Caribbean. Ultimately lost her in a bit of heavy weather in the Windward Passage between Haiti and Cuba towing behind our 26 foot Easy Go sailboat of the day. We pulled out the towing ring twice in our travels and the last one was a stainless U bolt back with an oak board. It was the only one to stay in place. Don't under estimate the stress that will come on this vital connection.

  2. Thanks for the Comment Bob and Kathy. It's nice to hear that the design has worked well for you. So far I've had great luck with it. Very easy to row and tows well.

    I put a LOT of epoxy and tape around backing of the ring so hopefully it will stay in place.




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