Sunday, February 16, 2014

Atomic 4 rebuild - removing flywheel housing

Atomic 4 flywheel cover
Atomic 4 flywheel cover
The flywheel cover is held on by nine 1" (9/16") bolts around the perimeter on the back side of the cover, each has a lock washer. There are also 2 similar bolts on the top front of the cover.

All except the bottom two are easy to get at and remove. Those I couldn't get at with a socket but was able to eventually free with a short wrench. Removing two of the boards from the bottom of the wooden stand made the job somewhat easier.

The cover is also held in place with several alignment studs. A rubber or wooden mallet can be used to tap the cover off once the bolts are removed.

Have a container ready when you take the cover off because you will lose some oil.

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Atomic 4 flywheel cover removed
Atomic 4 flywheel cover removed

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