Monday, March 30, 2009

Book review: Around the world in 18 years

I was at the Moncton Boat Show yesterday and happened upon Hubert Marcoux's booth. He's written a great book about his adventures sailing around the world. It is a really nice, easy read. It kept me up late last night.

A great book for those of us who aspire to do a similar trip.

He also had some great advice when I asked him "How do you get started on a trip like that?",because I am having inertia problems. His response was, "Just start. Don't worry about getting the little details worked out before you start."

He did a speech as part of the boat show as well. A good summary of what he's been doing to get his boat fixed up following a nasty encounter with Hurricane Yuan.

I would normally have a hard time bringing myself to spend $30 on a book (yes, I'm cheap) but I don't hesitate to lay out some money to support someone doing what I'd like to be doing. You should too.

Update: Hubert Marcoux was lost at sea in November of 2009. I haven't been able to find a story about the final result of the search though. Hubert's story was one that appeals to arm chair sailors like myself and I felt sadness when I heard that he was lost.  He seemed like a true adventurer when I met him. Not for the glory but for the adventure, for the lifestyle.

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  1. I have no interest in boating (haven't tried it, so I could get the bug yet), but I'm all for supporting the local guy, especially those who work towards fulfilling their dream - something I wish I could do. Although one needs a dream first.


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