Sunday, December 22, 2013

Atomic 4 rebuild - removing manifold and accessory brackets

The manifold is held on with three threaded pins with 9/16" nuts, these nuts are missing from mine.
Atomic 4 manifold removed
Manifold removed
 There is a gasket behind the manifold. The gasket appears to be in reasonable shape but I will probably replace it.
Manifold gasket
Manifold gasket
 The manifold is in fairly rough shape. It has been previously repaired, there is some rough braising along the top-front. I will explore the part more thoroughly before deciding on replacement or re-use.
Atomic 4 Manifold
I removed 3 other brackets at the same time:
  • Side alternator bracket (the alternator was not installed when I got the engine) - One 1/2" bolt holds this on.
Atomic 4 Alternator bracket
Alternator bracket
  • Some sort of bracket at the back that I'm not sure what it was use for. This was bolted to the back with two 1/2" bolts (2" long). I may or may not replace this depending on what it turns out to be for. 
Miscellaneous bracket at back. What is it?

  • Top alternator bracket - This bracket is held on by two 11/16" nuts on threaded studs. One of the bolts broke off while removing. I will have to remove and re-tap this bolt hole.
Top alternator bracket
Top alternator bracket
Top alternator bracket with broken-off stud

  •  I also removed the breather hose - The breather hose is tapered from 3/4" to 1/2" (inside diameter) and is 4" long.

Atomic 4 Breather tube
Breather hose

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